Welcome to The Sufi Center of Austin, God-Realization through Love.

Ramadan Iftar Schedule

During the holy month of Ramadan community is important. Our schedule of the community iftars is below and posted on the calendar as well.

2014 Iftar Schedule

Annual Austin Sufi Gathering

Register before August 17th for a discounted rate for the Austin Mystical Sufi Weekend.

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Disregard the contact phone number on the flyer. Call (512) 302-6700 for more information!

Shadhiliyya Sufism

Shadhiliyya Sufism is a deep way based on the teachings of all the prophets. Centered on Peace, Love, Justice and Freedom, our branch in the U.S. has helped thousands reach their spiritual potential.

Shadhiliyya Sufi Principles


We have ongoing events here in Austin. Please see our Events page for an explanation of activities. This spiritual path is open to all. We would love to meet you!

Schedule of Events

Spiritual Guide

We follow the Guidance of one of the World's Great Sufi Masters, Sidi Shaykh Muhammad al-Jamal, Head of the Higher Sufi Council in Jerusalem and the Holy Land. This is a rare and unique opportunity to study with a renowned Sufi Master.

About the guide

Our Community

We are thankful to have so many beautiful teachers who care for us and whom we love. Here are just a few: Ibrahim Jaffe, M.D., Salima Adelstein, M Ed, DD, Salih & Aisha Cotten, Dr. Wadud and Nura Laird, Amina al-Jamal, Shaykh A. Noorudeen Durkee, Abdu'llah and Aziza Cowan.

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